When staying at Shoreline Hotel Waikiki, you quickly learn that you are in the heart of Oahu and just steps away you can be transported into the past or flung into the future. This is exactly what the neighborhood of Kakaako represents. Filled with history and art just minutes away from Waikiki, Kakaako is an […]

When it comes to iconic fashion pieces, few garments rival the vibrant and laid-back charm of the aloha shirt. Whether you’re on your way to the islands, live or work in Hawaii, or are dreaming about Hawaii, wearing an aloha shirt instantly puts you in a paradise state of mind. But how did this beloved […]

Aloha and welcome to our little corner of paradise where the sun is always shining, the waves are always perfect, and flowers are always in bloom. Today we’re going to take a little journey back in time and explore the history of May Day in Hawaii. May Day, the first day of May, has been […]

Surfers and locals gathered at Ala Moana Beach in Honolulu on June 6 and 7 to Paddle Out in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and to remember lives that have been lost. Hundreds of people showed up with their surfboards, flowers and leis to show their support by paddling out and watching from ashore – […]