Beyond Roses: Unveiling Unconventional Valentine’s Day Experiences with the Shoreline Hotel Waikiki 

February 13, 2024

Valentine’s Day on Oahu is not just about roses and traditional dinners; it’s about creating unique, unforgettable moments that go beyond the ordinary. Here are some of our favorite experiences, showcasing a side of romance that extends beyond the conventional. Explore experiences that promise to make this Valentine’s Day truly extraordinary.

“Honi Honi”  [Hawaiian for Kiss] with a View: Koko Crater Trail Hike

For the adventurous couple, embark on a romantic journey with a hike up the Koko Crater Trail. Reaching the summit, you’ll be rewarded not only with breathtaking views but also the perfect spot for a “Honi Honi” (Hawaiian kiss). Connect with nature and each other in a way that’s truly unparalleled.

Picnic Local Style with Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden + Lunch at Rainbow Drive-In

Discover the beauty of Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden hand in hand. Take a leisurely stroll among lush greenery, followed by a delightful lunch at the iconic Rainbow Drive-In. It’s a charming combination of nature and local flavors, creating a unique Valentine’s Day experience.

Unconventional Spa/ Floating

Indulge in a spa experience like no other with Dream Float Hawaii. Drift away in sensory deprivation tanks, allowing for complete relaxation and connection. It’s a unique and intimate way to unwind together, making for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day treat.

Floating + Steam Domes

For an ultimate wellness experience, Spa Pure Waikiki offers the perfect blend of floating and steam domes. Immerse yourselves in tranquility and rejuvenation, creating a serene atmosphere that heightens the romantic ambiance.

Dinner at Fete and Night Cap at The Lei Stand

When strolling through the streets of Chinatown in Honolulu today, you’ll encounter not only echoes of its rich history but also a vibrant array of attractions. Award-winning restaurants, captivating art galleries, intriguing boutiques, and bustling markets await, offering visitors a dynamic and diverse experience.  Here you will find James Beard Chef winner Robyn Maii restaurant, Fete.  Fete offers a menu thatʻs a feast for both the eyes and palate.  Fete offers an approachable menu that offers local ingredients from our Hawaiian Islands.  After Fete, take a stroll to The Lei Stand, who pays homage to Chinatown’s  unique blend of old-school and new-school allure. The Lei Stand offers beautifully crafted cocktails, making your evening even more special.
Lei Stand

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the expected and find your own way to celebrate an unconventional Valentines Day! Create memories that reflect the unique bond you share, surrounded by the beauty and adventure that Oahu has to offer. Whether it’s an outdoor hike, a floating spa experience, or a culinary journey, an Oahu Valentines Day promises an unconventional celebration that will be etched in your hearts forever.