Surfers & Locals Paddle Out in Solidarity

June 17, 2020

Surfers and locals gathered at Ala Moana Beach in Honolulu on June 6 and 7 to Paddle Out in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and to remember lives that have been lost. Hundreds of people showed up with their surfboards, flowers and leis to show their support by paddling out and watching from ashore – sharing stories, singing traditional Hawaiian songs, saying prayers and moments of silence.

The event on Saturday, June 6 was organized by Jada Ashton, and Sunday, June 7 was organized by Danielle Martin. Hawaii-based photographer and videographer, Matty Leong, captured amazing moments and gave Shoreline permission to share with you! He is also donating 100% of the proceeds of prints from his website to go towards BLM organizations.

“Hawaii stands with you, Hawaii feels and hears your voices,” said Leong in an Instagram post. “I hope you hear ours too from miles away.”

Love and Aloha to all!