World Reef Day 2020 by Raw Elements

June 8, 2020

World Reef Day is founded by Raw Elements USA, a 1% For The Planet member, a day for the world to come together in awareness and activation to effect positive change for our world’s reefs.

Senators, scientists, marine biologists, hoteliers, professional surfers, photographers, journalists and more have rallied together as World Reef Day speakers in an effort to active change through storytelling and raise funds for this year’s four non-profit beneficiaries – Coral Gardeners, Mālama Pūpūkea-Waimea, Surfrider Foundation Oahu, and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

This year, through the power of social media, we’re taking World Reef Day fully virtual while we all stay safe at home. 

On June 1 and continued during the week of June 8-12 on @RawElementsUSA’s Instagram, a schedule of engaging conversations and virtual experiences will take place with experts, activists and thought leaders – from government officials, scientists and hospitality leaders to diving experts, surf pros and musicians – each with a shared passion for sustainability and ocean conservation. . Visit to view the final schedule and more.

As we highlight the efforts of these incredible individuals and organizations, we will strive to reach our goals:

  • Highlight the critical state of our coral reefs
  • Activate change in individuals, companies and government officials
  • Raise funds for this year’s non-profit beneficiaries dedicated to reef research, conservation, beach clean-ups and more

Our coral reefs are in danger. In recent years, there has been a major decline of the world’s reef. Much of the destruction up until now has been done by humans, and we can fix it.

Industrial pollution, plastic pollution, sewage, chemical sunscreens and unmanaged high-density tourism all threaten coral reefs. The reef destruction that has happened up until now has been caused by humans, and we can fix it.

Three simple things you can do to make a difference are:

  1. Use #ReefSafe sunscreen
  2. Reduce single use plastics
  3. Share this post and spread awareness of this issue

We have recently had an incredibly unique opportunity to slow down and recognize that we must be better stewards of our planet. Mother Earth has responded. What can be seen are bluer skies, cleaner air, clearer oceans and life returning to reefs.

The timing of this year’s event is especially significant as we’re reminded of our ability to protect the home we all share. We will use our digital platform to document and discuss our current situation, the impact we have on our oceans and reefs, and the lessons and inspirations we must take with us as we look toward reintegrating with earth.

We will be donating funds to our 2020 beneficiaries through two channels:

  • 100% of all online profits at on June 1 will be donated directly to our beneficiaries, along with 25% of all online revenue for the remainder of the month.
  • A World Reef Day GoFundMe was created to raise even more funds and will be directly donated to each foundation

Meet our beneficiaries and encourage donations to their incredible missions:

  1. @CoralGardeners – The NGO based on the island of Moorea taking action to solve the problems coral reefs are facing and getting the whole world to join them.
  2. @SustainableCoastlinesHawaii– A grassroots nonprofit with a mission of inspiring local communities to care for their coastlines through large-scale beach cleanups, educating students, and offering waste diversion services for events on Oʻahu.
  3. @SurfriderOahu – Working to protect our ocean, beaches and waves, and instrumental in the passage of the plastic bag ban as well as Bill 40, the most comprehensive plastic ban in the nation.
  4. @Mālama_Pūpūkea_Waimea– Working to replenish and sustain the natural and cultural resources of the Pūpūkea and Waimea ahupua‘a for present and future generations through active community stewardship, education, and partnerships.