Things To Do in Autumn/Winter in Oahu!

October 12, 2021


Our island is a great place to visit during the fall/winter season with plenty of things happening in Oahu. 

Here are a few highlights we recommend if you have plans to visit us for some tropical weather, relaxation and interested in some activities to add to your itinerary!

Photo by @samanthasophia

Things To Do in Autumn/Winter in Oahu:

  • Humpback Whale Watching Season (November-April) – Find these gentle giants in the Hawaii waters during their yearly migration season – Hawaii is the only place in the U.S. where humpback whales mate, calve and nurse their young!
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  • Coffee Farm Tours – A trip to our islands isn’t complete without touring + learning about one of the island’s most unique industries — COFFEE. Did you know that Hawaii is one of two states that can only commercially grow coffee? Perfect for coffee connoisseurs, curious coffee drinkers and a unique experience you can tell your friends & family about!
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  • Local Cacao/Chocolate Farm Tours – Bean to bar! Tour and learn more about how the entire process of chocolate making from start to end through visiting these family-owned and operated farms to see more about Hawaiian agriculture and farming cacao fruit trees (where chocolate comes from! Hawaii is the only U.S. state which can grow cacao!
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  • Professional Surfing Competition (Billabong Pipe Masters, Vans Triple Crown, Maui Pro) – Don’t miss these epic and famous surfing competitions that take place here in Oahu on the North Shore every year! Hang out on the beach, watch some amazing + talented surfers catch some crazy waves IRL. It’s a spectacle to see!
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  • Beach Activities – Escape the cold weather and head to Hawaii where it’s summer all year-long. Dive into beach things such as snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, canoeing, kayaking, kite-surfing and more!
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  • Traditional Hawaiian Events/Activities – Experience local culture through luaus, Haku lei-making, learn a ukulele, take Hula lessons and enjoy various local events such as farmer’s markets and workshops available throughout the island!
Photo by Polynesian Cultural Center