Local Series: Q&A with Seascape Artist Sarah Caudle

July 29, 2020

Hawaii is home to some great artists, makers, artisans and designers/creative types. 

Meet Sarah Caudle, a local seascape artist based here in Oahu, creates masterful art pieces inspired by the sea. With a background in design and sustainability, she captures the beauty of Hawaii through dynamic colors, fluid movements, and organic compositions using acrylics and resin on wood panel. We caught up with the artist to learn more about her artwork and some of her favorite spots on the island!

When did you first realize you wanted to become an artist?

I believe I was born an artist. As early as I remember, I dreamed of growing up to be an artist. Unfortunately as I got older, I was told by family, friends, and society that art wasn’t a “real” career and an unrealistic path to take. I ended up majoring in industrial design instead. It wasn’t until I worked for several years in that profession that I realized I feel down I was meant to be an artist. I ended up quoting my full-time stable job to finally and fully live out my dream. 

Can you describe your art and what it means to be a “seascape artist”? 

I have always felt so inspired by the ocean and when I moved to Hawai’i I fell even more in love with its beauty. I knew I had to paint it and share that wonder and aloha spirit with the world. I use acrylic and resin on wood panel and pour in layers, painting details in between. This gives the feelings of depth, shimmer, and wonder one gets while at the beach. When I paint the ocean my worries wash away and I feel at peace in the present moment. 

What are your favorite aspects of Hawaii?

Hawai’i is so magical! It amazes me that there are endless places to adventure, explore, and soak in inspiration from the towering mountains to the lush jungles to the clear aqua sea. I also love learning and understanding more of the rich history here and the importance of the Hawaiian culture. 

What about Hawaii inspires you and influences your artwork?

Of course the beautiful beaches inspire my art, but it’s not only the way they look, it’s the way they make me feel! When I paint the beaches, I focus more on emotion than actual scenes. I paint fun moments in Waikiki, happy feelings at Lanikai, deep emotions on the north shore, adventures on the west side, and so much more! Each beach, time of day, season, people, sea-life, etc, create for endless inspiration! 

What do you want collectors/viewers to take away from your art?

It’s important for me that others can find their own connection with my art. Everyone feels drawn to the ocean in their own way and I hope that through my work they can feel my emotions as well as their own special memories. Most importantly, I hope to share the aloha spirit with the world through my art!

Which current art world trends are you following (if any)?

It’s pretty amazing how creative people are around the world! I am always inspired by other artists and love whenever I see work that’s completely unique and unlike any other current trends. 

Where can visitors/travelers view your work in Oahu?

Visitors can check out my work in galleries throughout Oahu including Polu Gallery, Elena Hawaii, and Aesthetic Hawaii in Waikiki, Magnolia Hawaii in Kahala Mall, Lauren Roth Boutique in Kailua, Gallery Olani in Ko Olina, and of course at my own studio and showroom in Kaka’ako as well as my online shop sarahcaudleart.com

Tell us five of your favorite places to eat, shop and drink in Oahu!

Ah there are so many it’s hard to narrow down, but these are some of my favs (not counting galleries which are always the top of my lists)! 

  • Ali’i Coffee Shop: next to my old studio in Chinatown (and opening a second location soon in Waikiki), they make the best and most creative coffee. They are also huge supporters of local artists! 
  • Barefoot Beach Cafe: the most chill cafe in Hawaii, open-air and ocean front, they serve delicious fresh and local food, with live music, and awesome art pop-ups! 
  • Haleiwa Bowls: there’s nothing better than the blue smoothie bowl after a day of surfing and sunshine in the north shore! 
  • Waikiki Brewing: a fun spot to meet up with friends and sip on delicious beers at their brewery in Waikiki and by my new studio in Kaka’ako! Plus they’re dog friendly so I can bring my pup Mowgli! 
  • Most all Farmers Markets: I always love going to different farmers markets to get local veggies, try out new restaurants, and discover new makers!