Best Places to Find Hawaiian SPAM Musubi on Oahu

March 4, 2020

A tasty, authentic Hawaiian popular snack, SPAM® Musubi can be found throughout Oahu. Made of three simple ingredients, the classic musubi features a slice of grilled spam, white rice and wrapped in a ribbon of dried nori (seaweed).

You can find various SPAM® Musubi combos and creations with additional toppings – from shiso, egg omelet, cheese, avocado, unagi, pickled radish and bacon to name a few! If you haven’t tried SPAM® or SPAM® Musubi, don’t knock it until you try it! 🙂

Here are some of our favorite SPAM® spots on the island! Also, if you’re curious about fast food chains in Oahu, McDonald’s offers SPAM® breakfast options and Jack in the Box serves SPAM® Fried Rice.

Foodland – locally owned grocery retailer serving up a variety of SPAM® Musubi, bento, tempera and Poké!

Got’z Grindz – Hidden gem in Kaneohe offers a variety of SPAM® Musubi, bento boxes, noodles, stew and other sweet items! There are special musubis are named after each member of the family: Daddy G’s, with bacon, cream cheese and shibazuke; Mommy G’s, with okaka (smoked tuna), tempura flakes and green onion; Yumi G’s, with bulgogi, kimchi and Korean nori; Miki G’s, with ginger chicken; and Mika G’s, with sukiyaki and egg.

Mana Musubi – Offers 30 varieties of Musubi daily with different kinds of rice used!

Marukame Udon – Popular made-to-order Japanese Udon restaurant offering a wide Udon noodle dishes, fresh tempura and SPAM® Musubi. 

Mitsuwa Marketplace – Located at the International Marketplace on Kalakaua Ave., Mitsuwa Marketplace is the largest Japanese Supermarket offering a wide variety of Sushi, Bento, Deli, Japanese groceries, Japanese confectionery, cosmetics and all other products at their store.

Musubi & Bento IYASUME – A few steps from our hotel on Seaside Ave., this small grab-and-go shop offers 23 kinds of SPAM® Musubi options and small bento boxes! Other shops located through the island!

Tanioka’s Seafoods & Catering – Family-owned business, this shop serves up Hawaiian plate lunches, SPAM® Musubi, bentos, poke and rice balls!

Zippy’s – Local comfort food restaurant offers various SPAM® dishes – order a SPAM® Musubi Platter for a day out!

(Photo by Frolic Hawaii of Got’z Grindz)

(Photo by Onolicious Hawaii)