Shoreline Hat Wall Featuring Red Label

October 1, 2019

So…you all know that we have a wall in our Shoreline Hotel Waikiki lobby dedicated to hats. Our go-to hat is a Panama style hat, bringing our #NatureMeetsNeon theme to life with bright pinks, blues, greens and other vibrant colorful touches.

We decided that it made sense for us to showcase a local hat maker.  So we came across a local dude named Ryan Chang with his product line called Red Label Clothing.

Chang has a heart of gold (more like RED, ha!) and we wanted to share his ethos with you. RED is the color of LOVE, HEART, PASSION, FAMILY and GOOD LUCK!  Cool name, right?!

Chang started his brand in 2013 and basically sold his line from his car, driving around the island sharing his message, all while partnering with artists, DJs, models, dancers, other subcultures to understand what defined their RED.  Six years later, Chang is owning his Red and has expanded to the mainland.

Take a peek of his headwear collection here.

We are so thrilled to team up with Ryan and spread his RED! “Do what you LOVE” is Red Label Clothing’s motto.

Let’s #SeizeTheStay where #NatureMeetsNeon and let us inspire your RED!