Guest Edit: Gazoz Pop-up

September 8, 2019


We are Gazoz, makers of urban & country beautiful drinks! We specialize in Farm-to-Cup Mixology where we harvest prior to every event fresh herbs and seasonal fruits from different organic farms around the island. The fruits, homemade syrups and fresh herbs are added into the drinks along with sparkling water which creates Gazoz.

Our founder Danielle Shemesh makes every drink to order! Choose up to three fruits to be mixed in with soda water and garnished with a variety of herbs. Many of our ingredients are obtained from the farmers at the market (like Ma’o Organic Farms) or Green Rows Farm in Waimanalo to keep the drink fresh and local. The result is a fizzy, fruity drink that’s bursting with flavors and aromas, which Shemesh calls “farm-to-cup mixology.”

Be sure to check out when we will be at Shoreline Hotel Waikiki next to sample our Gazoz drinks – complimentary to all hotel guests! View their Facebook events calendar here!