Shoreline Hotel Waikiki Shines with the Verve and Vitality of Viva Magenta

January 28, 2023

All right, pop quiz on your color smarts! What is Viva Magenta?

The answer’s easy if you’ve visited Shoreline Hotel Waikiki. It’s the fun and bold color leading the palette of brilliant hues welcoming guests to our airy, sun-kissed lobby. And in a brilliant stroke of great-minds-think-alike genius, Viva Magenta was also recently selected Color of the Year for 2023 by the folks at Pantone. 

Visit the hotel and you’ll find Viva Magenta the moment we welcome you. It’s the audacious and amusing color of both our lobby floor and the full wall behind our front desk. You’ll also find Viva Magenta on accent pieces in some of our guestrooms and public spaces. 

“Shoreline Hotel Waikiki embraces fully the qualities of Viva Magenta as a ‘brave and fearless…pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration,’” says Hotel General Manager Ibonne Pinilla. “We stand for joy. And every time you set foot in our hotel our colors take you in.

“We have the chromatic capacity to make you feel happy. That is our superpower!”

Clearly, we’re in love with Viva Magenta here at Shoreline. And as the new year commences, we’re stoked Pantone thought just as wonderfully about our home color as we do, recognizing the hue for its here-and-now appeal as Color of the Year. 

Unfamiliar with Pantone? Think of it as a collective of world-renowned and -respected color experts. Best known for its proprietary Pantone Matching Systems for colors, the New Jersey-based company assists global brands, media entities, book publishers and other businesses across a spectrum of industries in making color decisions critical to their graphics, fashion, publications, product design and interior spaces.  

The uplifting spirit and vivacity of Viva Magenta suits the jubilant, welcoming sprit of Shoreline Hotel Waikiki perfectly. We love the fun and modern feel of it as the signature color of our lobby and reception area, and its bold yet wonderfully ideal contrast to our bright yellow, blue, teal and scarlet furnishings and accent pieces.

In a December 2022 Hotel News Now feature on Viva Magenta’s potential in hotel lobby and guestroom design in the new year, Dan Mazzarini, creative director and principal of New York-based BHDM Design, spoke on his choice of Viva Magenta for some of Shoreline Hotel Waikiki’s redesigned interiors.

“Using the bold color for the lobby floor, the hotel boasts both playful and laid-back influence,” said Mazzarini, lauding Viva Magenta for setting the tone for Shoreline Hotel Waikiki guests and appealing to what he called “the millennial-minded traveler.” 

He continued, “As designers, we are always trying to make spaces comfortable and happy for guests. I see this color having longevity in hotel design because Viva Magenta is a hue that not only has that wow factor travelers are often looking for, but also just makes you smile and feel good.”


Other fun, exciting and progressive colors found throughout Shoreline Hotel Waikiki’s interior are bright and bold hues exuding the friendly and relaxing spirit of Hawai‘i, such as Goldfinch, Frank Blue, Maxi Teal and Radish Red. Each of these colors — including Viva Magenta — was selected to awaken and lift the spirits of our guests as they arrive, settle in, get into vacation mode and enjoy their time at the hotel.

Viva Magenta is also proving to be a great color for all of us at Shoreline as we approach Valentine’s Day, with the color’s deep reds matching the holiday’s shades of blooming roses, ripe strawberries and profundity of heart imagery.

If you’re joining us for a stay on or before February 14, you’re invited to enjoy the following on our property:

  • Hana Lima Market: Live music and artist of the month showcase, February 3 6:30pm
  • Sound Healing February 11, Rooftop poolside 6:30pm
  • Regularly scheduled fitness programs