Best Poké in Oahu

January 28, 2020

(Photo by Travel Online)

Native to Hawaiian cuisine, don’t leave the island without eating poké (pronounced poh-kay)!

The dish, which is basically cubes of raw fish, is mixed with sauces such as ponzu, soy and various oils and other toppings, like furikake, garlic/onions and sesame seeds. The most common fish used in poke are ahi, salmon and octopus. 

From the supermarket, food trucks to hole-in-the-wall shops, here are a few places on the mainland to get your Poké fix!

Alicia’s Market – family-run shop offering poké, plate lunches and other meats like char siu and roast duck.

Foodland – locally owned grocery retailer serving up a variety of Poké, one of the supermarket best sellers!

Maguro Brothers Hawaii – fresh poke and fish – think sashimi, grilled fish and sushi.

Nico’s Pier 38 – Fish market offers many types of poke, sashimi platters, fresh fish fillets, home smoked fish, local products like Nico’s own bottled dressing and dips, and beer and wine.

Ono Seafood – no-frills, fresh poké and combo bowls. A favorite among locals!

Shaka Poke-Don – hidden gem right in the heart of Waikiki located inside Waikiki Shopping Plaza – make your own bowls!

Tamura’s Fine Wine – a variety of poke choices and a large wine selection.

Fun Fact: The Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, a reef triggerfish, is the state fish of Hawaii.