Aloha From Tommy Pierucki – Surf Photographer

September 15, 2020

Meet Tommy Pierucki, an Oahu resident since 2013, photographer extraordinaire, of Pineapple Sunrise

Originally from the Chicago area, Tommy’s love for surf was born in the early 2000’s when he had his first time getting on a surfboard at Baby Queens in Waikiki. From there, his passion grew and he wanted to spend his time capturing the beauty of Oahu, the islands and surf.

His work has been featured in magazines and brands like Hawaiian Airlines, RVCA, Roxy, Billabong, as well as photographing notable professional surfers and celebrities like Tom Holland and Halsey during their surf sessions in Hawaii.

You can shop his photographs on his website – available in prints, presets, bags, beach towels and phone cases! Give him a follow @tommypierucki and check out his amazing photos of surf, beaches and the island. 

We caught up with Tommy to chat more about his favorites on the island!

Places to eat/drink: One of my favorite spots is right in Waikiki and offers a vegetarian option for me and it’s called OMG (Oahu Mexican Grill). They always have the best burritos and chips and cheese! If I’m looking to have a drink, I always like heading to the food court in the International Marketplace in Waikiki where you can find $2 beers if you know where to look!

Favorite places/things to photograph (Waikiki beach, other surfers, etc): My favorite spot to photograph is the surf in Waikiki. It’s where I caught my very first wave a long time ago and it’s always had my heart. There’s so many world class waves and surfers just a short distance away!

Beaches/hikes: My favorite beach really is Waikiki Beach. It’s such a special place and has so much history. It’s been even more special getting to spend so much time there during the pandemic. We’re lucky the ocean hasn’t ever been on lockdown! I am not much of a hiking person, I spend so much time in the water that when I get to the top of the hike and see the ocean, I wish I was down there swimming or surfing!

Places to shop: Retail therapy can always be a fun thing when you’re strolling around Ala Moana Center. You can usually find me at one of the surf shops checking the latest styles or picking up some surf gear.

Spots only locals know about: As many great spots that are primarily known by locals only, I wouldn’t be doing the spots any justice if I revealed the secret locations. There’s so many great spots to find adventure on the island!